Chicago Fire Season 2 Mena Suvari Appereance

Chicago Fire has been a success since its release in 2012. The main plot of the action drama tv series is the story of firefighters and paramedics working at Chicago Fire Department. The drama shows the characters in actions risking their lives to save others and even isolating themselves for love to their stressing profession.

At the moment, there are six seasons announced, the last season released in 2017 where you can see courageous FireHouse 51 team dangerous routines. The show intents to show how firefighters and paramedics live and the dangers they are exposed every day, physically and emotionally as they are professionals that are not that valued in modern society.

In Chicago fire season 2 series, Mena Suvari, the star of American Beauty plays the character of Isabella, the friend and consultant of Gabriela Dawson Casey, played by Monica Raymond, Her role is also helping Mouch, played by Christian Stolte to win the elections to become president of Chicago Firefighters by helping him to organize his campaign.

Reviews has been very positive, but the first season has mixed opinions from critics. If you are a fan of the series, you should be aware that there are also important spinoffs like Chicago, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice and Chicago Med.

Starbucks k Cups

A while ago, K-cups were only found at companies such as Green Mountain Coffee. However, these days are gone. A whole lot of different brands such as Newman’s Own or Cinnabon are competing for Keurig machine dominance. However, the most popular and most consumed are the Starbucks k cups. Other companies like Kraft’s cups are expanding but nothing like Starbucks.

The cups from this brand and its units sold at grocery stores grew somewhere about the 50% within two months. This company is the example of the accelerated growth in the consumption of this material. K-cups, are in fact, a way of measuring the economies and predicting how it will fluctuate through the years. 

There is no doubt that Starbucks is a company which gains more profit than any other in the field. The reason? It may be the fact that this coffee has become a trademark which millennials identify with. This means that they have their own audience, one which happens to be the youngsters of this times. These people choose design as the most important factor (sometimes even over quality) which means that any material they use will be fine as long as it keeps a design which meets the standards of this segment.